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Posting a reply to: Detroit Michigan 8/28 show review and setlist

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TS Fan Forever
Posted 2006-08-29 3:42 PM (#5309)
Subject: Detroit Michigan 8/28 show review and setlist
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Nearly A Band Member

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Wow SMF's, I just returned to NY from yet another kick ass Twisted Sister show. This one emanating from Detroit Rock City Michigan.

I arrived at the State Fiargrounds yesterday around 5:30pm and what I saw was pouring rain along with alot of SMFs waiting for the show and getting soaked. Since when would some water stop a Twisted Sister show? Never have I seen a Twisted Sister show get wiped out due to rain.

I got to meet up with some fellow slamboarders...Joe Rock, Klo, and MP1975 and boy were we all soaked from head to toe. But we didnt give a shit. We were all there to see the Gods of metal play no matter the circumstances. I think if it were a Tsunami, we would've stayed. Thats how dedicated all these fans were to see the show. And as for pictures, due to the pouring rain, I was not able to take pictures. But if anyone took pictures, please post them up on the board. We'd all like to see them.

At about 8pm, the show begins and the boys looked great as usual. Is it me, or are the boys playing better and better each time I see them? Despite mother nature not cooperating, the beat goes on....and TS put on an incredible show. Funniest moment was Dee taking someone's umbrella and using it! Another nice part was seeing Dee's daughter and Jay Jay's daughter getting up onstage and singing I Wanna Rock with the band. Those little ladies were definitely into the show and the song as the rest of us were.

Eddie unfortunately had a cold but the man sounded good as new onstage with backup vocals and guitar. He doesn't miss a beat, especially having just returned from Bulgaria a few hours prior to the Detroit show. AJ looked sharp as a knife on the drums. And Mark....need I say more...from banging the crap out of his bass to chasing the roadies off stage, looked great. Jay Jay with a few nice ones on his guitar...playing behind his neck, etc. And Dee, he was tame last night. Was not allowed to curse, but had everyone else say some choice words......we all know what those words doing the Burn in Hell segment was just phenominal as usual.

And how can I forget the man behind it all........Danny Stanton......Danny was having a blast as usual. But he also took a broom and did some manual labor.......right Danny? LOL Actually, he flushed the puddles of water off the stage.....and he was just rocking like all of us.

As for the setlist, I had a copy of it, but I can't find it. But don't worry folks, SMF Cyndi (she was there in spirit) made me pass along a message to Joe Rock to write down the setlist. So I'm sure Joe will reply to this post and put up the setlist in chronological order.

So overall, on a scale of 1-10, I give this show a 20.....pouring rain and all. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the Vegas show, but I know the boys will put on another kick ass show.

Lastly, a BIG THANK YOU goes out to the band and Danny for yet another awe inspiring performance. Long Live Twisted Sister!

See you in December for the Pittsburg show!

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