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Posted 2006-07-29 12:43 AM (#4464)
Subject: Better late than never...
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Front Row

Location: CT, of course!

Finally got a minute to breathe in between everything so thought I'd give a brief review of the WI show.  Not going to go into detail because so many of the SMF cosa nostra have already so eloquently stated what a phenomenal show it was.  Just a couple of things...

First, it was so great to meet so many SMFs from all over the place.  TwisAlf and the Mrs., Jennifer, Steve the vest guy, and Lizzie  -voted the fairest of the fair,  and so many others.  You guys are a special lot and it's such a pleasure to meet  family members after all this time!  A special shout out to Captain Howdy, who despite his SMF name, is absolutely nothing like the image it conjures up!!  I hope that our paths will cross again soon. It was so nice sitting next to you and getting to know you!  You are a true gentleman.

And to the east coast faction of this thing of ours...Joe Rock (yes, they let him in!!!), MP, special surprise guest Ms. SMF Cyndi, Son of a Mitch and the lovely was awesome hanging out with you all.  You all are  very special and wonderful people.  Thanks for everything and for putting up with my delirium brought on by no sleep.  I guess there really is no rest for the wicked!  You guys are the best! Thanks Klo and MP for saving a "spot" for me up's amazing what can happen when you stand in your designated FRG spot again after many years...which brings me to the show...

MP compared the Waukesha show to the Penn's Peak show as being right up there with the best he's ever seen since the reunion.  I'm not sure which was better either, except they both had a very mystical quality to them that is hard to describe.  Standing in my spot in the front row in front of Jay Jays mic, I literally was transported on some weird molecular level back to the age of 18 at some club in NY, NJ, or CT back in 1978.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm not longing to be 18 again.  I think being 46 is quite lovely, thank you.  But shit, if it happens I'm not going to fight it! And happen it did.  

As it was then, so it was WI.  MAM was  on fire...the Animal, the Beast, the King of all things bass was playing like there was no tomorrow.  You know, sometimes he is so amazing that I can't even watch him anymore.  My brain cannot comprehend it, it's too overwhelming what that man can do with a bass. Pounding and beating and playing riffs where no other bass player would ever think of playing's all too much!  Thanks to MAM for giving 200 % at every show.  He is blessed with unbelievable talent, and most of all, he loves what he does and it shows. Just incredible.

Eddie - props and deep respect and admiration for the "quiet" one.  He was also on fire that night, animated and seemingly happy to be where he was.  Also, his patience with other band members who try to ruffle his feathers at the most inopportune times (like during his solos!) is commendable and rather funny as well.  I love that extended solo during WNGTI, it adds so much to that song.  Maybe he can just play that part of the song and forget the rest of it!  I'd be happy with that! Take it easy out there, it's just not one of my favorites is all...

AJ - what does DEE say in 'SMF'..."you're a walking wonder, you're a metal machine".  That's AJ in a nutshell. His solo that night was astounding.  He is a consummate drummer who is the backbone of the band.  Period.

Dee - best front man in the history of rock.  End of story.  The command the man has over an audience is a sight to behold. PEOPLE JUST DO WHAT HE SAYS!!! I DO WHAT HE SAYS!! It gives me chills. He has us all right in the palm of his hand. He voice is amazing, he is in top physical shape.  Another one who gives 200% at every show. And the "Burn in Hell crawl" is the coolest stays in my mind's eye for weeks afterwards.

Jay Jay - The man. Period.  What he did with the lead breaks and fills in It's Only Rock and Roll blew me away. SWEEEET!! I was proud as a peacock after hearing that song. I'm going around to people nudging them and saying, "how about that lead in IORNR, huh?  Pretty good, huh??  Yes sir, that my Jay Jay!!"  Like I'm his mother or something! And the leads in YCSRNR were note perfect, slow and bluesy and full of great feel that move me every single time I hear them.  Suffice it to say that he  is one of a kind, a showman and talented musician who knows how to please an audience on the most fundamental level.

The show was great and it was so awesome to experience another magical transportation to another time and place where only TS can take you. As I've said before, the only bad part of a TS show is when it ends.  

On the flip side, and rather selfishly, I'm bumming that things are winding down and that the next scheduled show in the area is in December.  It's going to be difficult not to worship at the alter of TS for such a long while. But as it was then, so it is now. All good things must come to an end and we have lots of wonderful memories to draw on and to carry us through.  Thanks Boyz, for giving so much to so many.

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