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Posting a reply to: Walkashore show - Penns Peak Move over.

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Posted 2006-07-23 8:33 PM (#4298)
Subject: Walkashore show - Penns Peak Move over.
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Never thought it could be done but the boyz left such a gaping hole in the cheese state they may need to add another lake to their collection. Up until now Penns Peak sticks out in my mind as the best Sister show since the reunion but after last night I may have to change my mind. Yes yes there were a few mic glicthes but they Boyz, all of them, were so over the top WHO CARES!

The Founding Father, during the lead break in It's Only Rock n Roll, played like his life depended on it he tore a song, I consinder owned by the Boyz, to bits. The licks that man was coming up with were AMAZING. He jammed like guitarists rarely do these days. Especially for a band thats considered Metal, I still call em Rock n Roll lol.

Eddie was his usual Silent but Deadly self. His leads were clear quick and lightening fast. Between the two of them last night very few bands can blend and weave notes together like that and make it sound like one. UNBELIEVABLE.

Dees voice sounded better then ever. The venue tried to curtail Dee's usual banter but the man found ways around it by having the crowd say the dirty words. lmfao Where theres a will theres a way.

The Animal played each and every song like them poor guitars really nneded to be taught a lesson. lol He baet the living shiet out of them all night long. He was also pulling notes out of thin air one after the other some I think only dogs could hear. His fingers were uo and down that neck all night long pounding away. Truely a night to remember.

AJ was his usual metronome self. Keeping perfect time never missing a beat and when solo time came a round left the audience wanting more. Thats rare for a drum solo. Besides Peart, Bonham, Palmer and maybe one or two more drum solo time is pee time. Not when Sister plays.

All in all it was one of the best shows, If not the best show, since the Boyz decided to kick our asses in the 21st century.

Another highlight of the night was meeting some new SMF's from the board I never met before. Finally met Captain Howdy, twistalf and I dream of Jeanie. This thing of ours is growing.

Haven't had such a good time with good friends in a while.

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