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Posted 2013-11-23 2:37 PM (#32865)
Subject: Further anti-spam measures being taken...
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After confabbing with Fast Joey, we've decided that we're going to go medieval on the Slamboard member's list. Just to give you an idea of how large the list is - when we first started working on keeping the spam down in earnest about 3 weeks ago, the members list stretched to nearly 100 pages, with 100 member listings on each page. That's a lot of members.

But here's the thing - a very large majority of those users have never posted here. Either they came in and registered then just went away and never came back, or they forgot they were members here, or they lost their fingers and can't type or something. The end result is that we've probably got a few thousand members in the database, some from as far back as 2006, who have never contributed to the Slamboard. And with these damn spambots signing up on a daily bases, it's difficult to weed them out and remove them before they start posting about how great those Nike shoes are.


We've decided to cull the database in a big way. If a member has been registered since before 2011 and hasn't posted anything, we're removing them. If they've got a spammy name and a sketchy email address, we're removing them. I worked on the database for a bit earlier and have already knocked out a couple hundred members whose accounts have been dormant or look obviously spammy.

We will also continue to delete spam posts as quick as we spot them, and obvious domain names are being banned altogether. And by working with a smaller members list, we'll be able to find and delete accounts who are being a pain in the ass.

Thank you all for your patience. We're dancing as fast as we can.

- D

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