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Posted 2013-08-16 12:01 PM (#32544)
Subject: 1st post for a new member here
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SMF 1st Class

Posts: 20
hi fellow SMF's!! hows you all?
Me i'm fine thanks. I'm a 'grebo' of old & later matured into a biker & heavy metal fan. I am still a biker, into my records & live for the day (currently) to see Twisted Sister again.
My first impression of Twisted Sister was "a bunch of tall puffs all wearing make up" after seeing the cover of the you cant stop rock n roll album (being honest, please dont diss). How i was sooo wrong. I listened to to that album at a friends house several times over. I thought it was better than some other 'american' bands of the time, but not the best.
I was then to see TS live. Blummin exelent gig @ Monsters of rock. Boy did they work the crowd. Instantly i was converted. My opinion on the day, even after seeing Whitesnake's display/gig was that TS were the best of the day. I dont recall any of the other bands getting as much feed back from the crowd as TS did that day. I then saw them in Nottingham a few years later (i think it was '86). Again a great gig!!
In the time between these 2 gigs i had seen alot of my fave' bands at various locations as far north as Newcastle to as south as London. They were good aswell but nothing like these guys.
Since then i moved to Kent (UK), lived a bit, got married, moved to Scotland, made 6 kids & seperated. All this time i have to admit going to gigs & such did not happen (wife pointing to money for 'better' use in other areas.... bitch!).
However now that i am free again i soooooooooooooooo need to see more of Twisted Sister. You guys played at full volume (dispite neighbors complaining & a police visit) helped me to get back on track with my life. Not that i have not enjoyed your albums in my married years, oh no. My kids have also enjoyed & sing along with me at various times

Honestly 'life savers' is what you are to me.
Play any album with plenty of volume & you just can not sit still & just listen. I get so filled with energy. I have to do something special to beat that buzz in my opinion. like take bike out for a thrash or something similar....... use your imagination & i'm sure you will get there-trying to keep this clean i am-

Enough of my drivvel for now.
Glad to join all you SMF's on a world forum.

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