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Posted 2006-06-09 10:41 AM (#3313)
Subject: Dee's Replacement found in Wolverhapmton
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Full-On SMF

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Ok, I have been thinking for a couple of days now what to put in this post, I still dont know so get ready for a rambling mess. LOL!!

After only his second ever Twisted show. Thomas who has loved TS since he was 18 months old, who in turn gave me a new ressurgence to listen to the band more prior to the reunion,as I did in the 80s, got up on stage with his idol.

He has never really been interested in anything other than dressing up/acting like his heroes, Whether its spideman/batman or Dee Snider. For night after night he would go to bed watching nothing but the Come Out and paly video over and over again. The sooner this is re-released on DVD the better!!

Many of you know I took him to see TS on his Birthday as a suprice when TS supported Alice. He was totally blown away. Even at that show he was pulling all the shapes and moves that Dee does onstage. he could not believe it that day. what a birthday suprise!!

Cut to the announcement of the new shows in the UK. His brothers wanted to go and see TS too now. even though the youngest is three his hero is Jay Jay, Thomas' older brother Jake, likes Mark. Now mum wants to go to!!

So we bought the tickets for the show and specifically asked for the balcony seats. we had front row stage left. perfect I thought.

We got there a little after 6.00pm and just missed the band going into the venue. Damn....

The wife and kids met a few of the slamboarders, JoeRock, Richard, Dan Bach, Liz and Bex I think too.... Sorry if I missed anyone!!
Lots of people were taking photos of Tom at this point...
We get into the venue and lo and behold we cannot go upstairs. I wont go on about the management and the promotors comments on this at the venue, it has already been said. So we get to our table and sat down to watch Hanoi Rocks,, how funny was it seeing Andy MCcoy fall over? they were ok. I liked watching the "other" two guys who used to be in the Electric Boys. They were a band I liked back in the day.. As the Hanoi set went on, we drifted to the front of the stage with the children, yet more people taking photos of Tom....

After what seemed an age to wait for TS they were now finally about to begin..What can be said apart from these are by far the best entertaining band on the planet. That being said from a kiss fan of nearly 30 years!! You dont need pyro or special effects these guys just ROCK!!!

The wife and I were both feeling the strain; continually picking up the boys in turn, one kind lady at the front took the eldest and let him stand right by the barrier. I think he was still too small to actually see over so we moved to the end of the stage and watched from the side for the most part.

Eventually the security guard allowed the two eldest boys to sit stage side of the barrier, still at the end of the stage. Tom was still dancing and rockin' through the show, the youngest at this point had fallen asleep!! lullabies??

As the show was drawing to a close JoeRock (man I owe you big time. MANY MANY THANKS) pushed Thomas into further veiw of the band at which point Mark spotted him first and then I am not sure who suggested it but put him up on stage.

I could not believe it. In front of the crowd and on stage at the Civic in Wolverhampton my son with the mighty Twsited Sister. He was totally unfazed and started pulling off Dee's trade mark poses. LOL At this point I felt a litle sorry for Jake, who did not want to dress up but still loves TS. He sat watching his little brother up on stage. He was genuinley pleased for him though, which was very sporting of him. He even got an Eddie pick!

The wife, when I looked back was in floods of tears. She has already posted elswhere (twisted mom)

What a highlight for me and the boys. This will be rembembered by all for a long, long time.

I figured that if this was to be the last showing of TS in the UK and I sincerley hope NOT, then at whatever cost I was going to get the wife and boys to meet the band afterwards. We waited around for what seemed like, forever.. but they finally did emerge, we saw Eddie first who was very gracious, we pestered Daniel to see where the rest of the guys were, they eventually came out so we then got to meet AJ, JJ and MAM. Jake was over the moon at this point as he was going to say hello to Mark, Mark was absolutley fantastic with the boys and picked them up,one on each arm and posed for a photo. Thanks Man!!

JJ was happy to pose with people and everyone also signed my TS 7inch single Ill never grow up, now.

After that we then saw Dee exit the venue, we ran across the road and after signing things for the other people that waited patiently, Dee turned around and had a great photo with Thomas and then with all three boys and the wife.

What can I say.

proud as anything

Thank you to JoRock and the TS boys for a very very eventful and entertaining night. It will never be forgotton.

I have posted a few pics hope they tun out ok

If you have any of MINI DEE - Please post. Not that Thomas' ego needs boosting or anything!! or mine LOL

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