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Posted 2006-06-07 6:38 PM (#3233)
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The gig was great! I loved all of T.S obviously.

I know I'll probably make many enemies- but this is just my personal view/thoughts- not trying to be horrible or anything... 

Personally I didn't like Henoi rock at all. The lead singer reminded me on stage personality with the jumping around- of Iggy Pop (I don't like Iggy Pop either- that bloke scares me), He was a good front man and could sing but Sorry, none of the songs grew on me at all. I thought altho they dressed great, and tried very hard for all the fans- guitarist with the black hair gave me the creeps. He was obviously drunk or on drugs of some kind, he could play but the slow balance to grab the mic etc made it clear there was something wrong, also the continuous spitting on the stage floor with spit drool hanging down his face from where he forgot to spit hard enough was grossing me out. I did like the Bass guitarist, dread lock one and the drummer- I thought they was good. But maybe I might have to hear the songs ten or twenty times for it to maybe grow on me.- Sorry about that, but that's my personal view on just how I felt even tho many people really did enjoy them. There is more to add- but maybe I made enough enemies by just writing this.

As for T.S- WOW! EVEN THE STARTING WAS FUNNY! I think (not sure) that was Poor little Danny Stanton who M.A.M was trying to crush his stomach and make him throw up while introducing the band - poor sod! and for them to play I KNOW IT'S ONLY ROCK'N'ROLL BUT I LIKE IT WAS GREAT. I loved the way Dee decided to change what order the song was in, and play I AM I'M ME instead of what ever they were going to play. 'Is this bloke Dee really as old as he claims?- he just never tires down! LOL. He is like a 20 year old in disguise! If you read this JJ, You are sooo funny, you make me laugh when you talk coz I can't understand what you're rabbiting on about!!!- PLEASE SLOW DOWN! I still am finding it hard to get everything your talking about! LMAO!

It's a shame for some of the tour dates to not happen, but I loved the reason why.

The part I loved in the show was where M.A.M wouldn't let the roadies get off stage! and was I mistaken of M.A.M shoving poor little innocent Edwin Ojeda???- If so M.A.M- you'd better be good! I have friend in New York who I could get to shove you back (ain't that right Cyndi!!! LOL!)

Hmm, I wonder - JJ- do you recognise any of the fans that came to the gig last night?? I noticed you were bouncing everywhere like Tigger, but you often stare into the crowd.

I must admit, I leave all the jumping and screaming to the other fans- I just loved to watch the nutters on stage and listen to every word & watch every movement, and the way the band throws themselves around like rag dolls! to hear a 'bum note' was great! it makes the gig even more interesting (and funny)..and WHERE DID THAT DRUMSTICK COME FROM? Can't believe that A.J threw that stick at our poor little guitarist!!! LMAO! - I think the song of 'We're not gonna take it' could have been changed to-'bum note, bum note, bum note- someone did a bum note!-bum note, bum note, bum note- was it YYOOUUU??!' (Eddie?), but don't worry- Eddie only had a little 'bum' but it was great to see! At the end of the amazing show-JJ threw some plectrums- dunno if he got someones eye out! lol & A.J threw his drum sticks to the crowd, and the security bloke gave it to this sweet little girl ( roughly aged 12) she was soo delighted to have it and shown it straight away to her dad who stood behind her.

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