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Jay Jay French
Posted 2012-03-04 5:56 PM (#29839)
Subject: The real reason anyone records new albums
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Posts: 130
The reason to record a new album is to promote a product to tour under.

This is why, AC/DC, KISS, Judas priest, Sabbath, Scorpions,Slayer, Metallica, Iron Maiden etc.......keep releasing new material. They have to to support the promotional engine for a tour. This is why so many albums suck. The band or artist doesn't really have great material but they have to service the promoters, radio stations and press with something to write about. Furthermore, these bands never make any money on the new material because so few people buy the new music. About 5% of the fan base still buys new music. The fans will show up for the show but, sad to say, could care less about the 'new material'. We knew this when we came back, discussed it and realized the amount of time, against which we can never tour to reap whatever benefits it may bring, makes releasing anything new a bad business decision. I can promise you that if we ever had to 'tour', then releasing new material would be a strong consideration. I wouldn't, however, put a dime on this bet.

As we don't tour, there is nothing to promote We release 'product' when we feel that the quality demands it. We don't jerk around our fans. We play a handful of shows to perform for our fans that now cover 33 countries. This means 1 show per year in 10-12 different countries and this year even less. That can never burn you out as we are seen by relatively few people in any given year.

This is how we do it. I cant speak for any other band. Our situation is unique.

Lastly, I didn't think we would be playing this year but European and South American demand is overwhelming.

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