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Posting a reply to: On my First Twisted Christmas, Snider Claws gave to me, A condom and some cane candy!!

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Posted 2011-12-19 12:10 AM (#29297)
Subject: On my First Twisted Christmas, Snider Claws gave to me, A condom and some cane candy!!
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Oh yeah, It was My First Twisted Holiday Extravaganza, but I hope it won't be my last.

What a blast! People kept telling me how much I was gonna enjoy it, and I'm going, WTF? Of course I'm gonna enjoy it, It's Twisted Fuckin Sister!

....I had no Idea what I was in for!

I arrived at the Best Buy theater at roughly 5:20, after loading up my belly at Empanada Mama's which I highly recommend(763 9th ave. open 24 hrs!!). It was a long cold wait till 7pm, when they let us in. The time went by fairly quickly as I met an old SMF Big Mike, and just a bunch of cool fans sharing stories of Twisted Shows Past, and wondering WTF is going on up the road because there seemed to be an endless stream of wailing and flashing cop cars flying by. I've lived in Jersey and worked in Mid-Town for 7 years and never seen that many rollers except to escort Obama when he's in town. Even the staff was cool and let people out of line to pollute the restaurants facilities across the street when bladders and bowels failed, and then let them back in as people in line jokingly shouted "CUTTER...CUTTER". Everyone was in great spirits despite the aching cold. Knowing what lay ahead kept everyone just warm enough.

At 7:00 they promptly opened the doors and started letting us in in groups of 20 or so. I was in the 2nd group, and dashed down the escalator, jump off and turning to the left I immediately take another left(I don't know why, but most people don't take that second left so they have another 150 yards or so to get to the floor of the theater) which takes me past the Merch table which I pause at long enough to notice only a few people at and realize I Must Have that shirt, and X-Large sells out fast but I wanna get a good spot, so I dash through the theater doors to the right and see that there's only about a dozen people on the floor. So I rush back and pick up my T-shirt and a Stay Hungry Bone Logo Bandana. I rush back to the floor and right up to the stage. I go high five Big Mike and a few other guys that I froze in line with for an hour and a half. I look around the familiar room, and feel a rush of excitement and fond memories. I saw Slash here a few months ago(With Duff McKagen, Gilby Clark, Matt Soren, Dave Kushner, Wayne Kremer, etc, etc lol) and Twisted Sister back in April. Yes, This was feeling very special already!

I look up and see a familiar jacket. One I've seen pics of on this very site. Classic Under The Blade TS logo and "Armadillo" across the top."That's the guy" I says to myself, and go up and introduce myself to everyones favorite road reporter, Terry... who in turn introduced me to SMF's Cindy and CaptainHowdy(Chris). Y'know...considering they're supposed to be such Bad Boys of Rock N Roll, The SMFs sure are a friendly bunch! Terry even gave me his calling card, a guitar pick with an Armadillo on it. Cool. It was great to meet everyone and share stories.

I wont bother describing the show, because I don't think I could add much more than Terry already put in his official Road Report. I will add that I got some free swag... A CD that the openers threw into the crowd(Jac & Jill were great by the way, really enjoyed their set) and a Condom and Candy Cane from Snider Claws' sack.

Oh, and I have a couple videos you guys might enjoy.

Also, on the way out....I couldn't resist....I picked up a Pink and Black Santa hat. And boy am I glad I did because I saw someone buy a poster that wasn't even displayed with the shirts and everything else. Not quite a poster...about 12 x 17 inches, but heavy cardstock and bright, vibrant colors. And only $10! I immediately thought of Terry, who brought a protective cardboard tube specifically for a poster, but I know he didn't see them before the show. I hope you found them after the show like I did. I rushed around looking for you to tell you, but didn't see you again.

I wore the santa hat home and got plenty of funny looks from people, but I just smiled and nodded. I even got a thumbs up from a guy stepping off the A train, who I noticed at the last moment was clutching a TS concert shirt in his hand.

All felt right in the world.

Have a Twisted Christmas my friends!

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