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Posted 2011-05-22 12:04 AM (#27601)
Subject: Lets go oldschool!
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Full-On SMF

Posts: 52
First off,thanks to jim for your support and intelligence.Somebody finally gets it.Now as twisted would say in the good old days lets go oldschool!Lets start off by trying to explain to this genius here armadildo how i wasnt being repetive but had to get my point across as your just too stupid to understand it.People who have the brain of a pea like you,start using expletive language as i never stooped that low.I never even directed any of my comments directly to any one smf.Heres these few slect as they see it on here telling everybody how they cant knock the band,or only when it seems fit by their rules. Oh YOU CANT USE CAPITALIZATION,OH SHIT I JUST DID IT AND DIDNT ASK YOUR PERMISSION.Im so sorry,(not really) FU! Now im repeating as i said i feel like were back in school where the clicks think they make the rules! When i would see ts in the early days dee would always say dont be afraid to sing, or stand up with your fist in the air.The hell with the guy next to you. Wear what you want to wear.look how you want to,and most of all,say want you want too.Dont really care what the other person thinks of you.I thought it was great what he was saying!Not only did the music capture me,but the their look did too.They acted and said what they wanted and didnt give a fuck!I said this is great.Thats what were talking about.That goes all down the drain with this moron and his few smf clicks of his. You cant do this or cant say that unless we see fit to it.Are youkidding me? That goes against everything this band has ever said! I want to say get with it,but its useless,they never will.Those same clicks in highschool still think they run the show too when i see them today,but i think to myself,only in your own minds you did, not in the real world! The oldschool smfs rock!

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