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Posted 2011-05-15 10:26 PM (#27507)
Subject: Please tell us about your earliest TS Concerts/Memories!
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I sometimes don't feel like a true SMF...only because I'm from SoCal and my first exposure to Twisted Sister was Stay Hungry at the time it hit big. Not at all one of the East Coast Kids that had been vehemently supporting the band since the early 70's. I remember talking to my friend Dave(who also introduced me to Alice Cooper) about the WNGTI video, and he told me to check out their other album YCSRNR because it was much better. I did....and I was eternally hooked. My other friend Justin somehow got ahold of a Secret Records cassette of Under The Blade and sold it to me(he suddenly gave up on Metal and Comic Books and sold me all he had for $10) After hearing UTB....I just couldn't get enough! I've had many friends over the years that never could understand my love of the band....and I eventually gave up on trying to explain it. I couldn't understand why I might need to. I do you listen to the music and NOT understand how kick ass it is? Then again, some folks could just never get past the image. Anyway, over the years, I have found myself defending The Boys from many an accusation....from Has-Been to One-Hit-Wonder to Sell-Out to Just Another 80's Hair Metal band. I have never wavered and, like the boys in the band, never made excuses. That's one of the things I have always respected most about TS and the SMF's. No bullshit. You get it or you don't. You don't try to justify, you just know......when the boys hit the will loose your fucking mind!

The first time I saw Twisted Sister was March 14, 1985. The second time was March 15, 1985.

These were, of course, 2 of the 4 nights opening for Iron Maiden at Long Beach Arena which eventually became Maidens classic live album Live After Death. Long Beach Arena is massive....I dunno, maybe 20,000 people. So, roughly 80,000 people got to see Twisted Sister(assuming everyone came in to see the opening band). A lot of my friends were just going to see Maiden...not me....Maiden is still my favorite Metal band, but I was equally stoked to see TS. Not to mention this was my early birthday(April, 29) present. Well, the March,14th ticket was a present....the show was so fucking incredible that me and a few friends went back the next night(the 15th) and bought tickets from scalpers. Anyway, one thing I remember from the show on the 14th was Dee stopping the show cause someone threw a bottle onstage(or people throwing bottles, i had nosebleed seats, so it was hard to tell) and called the bitch(es) out. This was over 25 years ago, so I can't remember what Dee said exactly, but he basically invited the the assholes to come onstage and voice their opinions or and shut the fuck up and rock because the other 20,000 people there wanted to rock their asses off. I remember Dee getting a huge cheer of support from the crowd and then the show continued.

I know Dee is sorta famous for that sorta thing(calling out the shitheads), but at that time in America, he'd mostly only done it in small venues.

That night he pulled it off in a major arena. He brought down the fucking house! And he got the support of the majority of the people there. Yeah, maybe I'm romanticizing it all...but still.....I'll never forget it!

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