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Posted 2006-05-31 11:01 AM (#2821)
Subject: an apology/explanation
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Elite SMF

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I posted something here a few days back that has upset some people and I'm sorry for that. All I can say is I was hurt, I was angry, I was tired of the world promising me things and not coming through, sick of empty promises. This was not directed at one person, it was directed at the whole frickin world. I love TS but this board and even TS are small in the grand scheme of things in my world. What happened at the show was just the straw that broke the camels back and some people here just happened to be riding on that camel.

It also was not directed at a single person here although some seem to think so, and thats hurt some people and I'm sorry for that. In all honesty i don't know who said what and what was said so I can't put blame anywhere, thats why it was just an all inclusive to the world in general "Fuck you"

You know how Dee gets on stage and he gives the ole one finger salute, I mean he puts that finger up in the air and just says "FUCK YOU" Well it feels good to do that! I envy him getting on stage and doing that, bet it feels real good! And people respect him for it, I forgot that I'm not on stage I'm in the real world (but it still felt good)

So I got that great pic of Dee doing the one finger salute and I posted it, "Fuck You" I was pissed, I vented, it felt good and I'm done with it. Hope you guys can understand that.

As for the one person who attacked me on a personal level, I took that well .......... personal. And you see how I deal with that, no apologies on that one as for the rest of it, I'm done, it's over.

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