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TS Fan Forever
Posted 2006-05-27 8:39 PM (#2695)
Subject: Charlotte NC show in review/set list..............
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Nearly A Band Member

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Ok folks, you wanted it, you got it. Here is a review of the Charlotte, NC show last night...........

First off, C-Rod and I got there about 5pm or so and just as soon as we arrived, there was a huge storm that literally looked like a tornado. Everyone was running for cover and things were just blown all over the place. That storm let up and there was another one about 2 hours later. So here I was thinking TS was going to be cancelled and I drove all the way down to NC to see them.

Needless to say, some of the stage equipment was strewn over the field area where the show was. As Dee said during the show, "thanks to the roadies for sweating their butts off to get the stage back in good order for the show"

Around 8 or so, another SMF "klo" Kathy arrives and the 3 of us (C-Rod, klo and I) were front row waiting for the show to begin. Steven Pearcy was due up at 9pm. Kathy and I left so that I could change into my Dee Snider costume and Kathy applied the makeup for me (Thanks again Kathy). We arrive back in the middle of Pearcy's gig and by this time the clouds were holding up.

At about 10:30 or so, It's a Long Way to the Top blares, and we all know what that means...........

The boys finally come on stage and they all look real good and ready to go. Dee was his usual self, cursing up the crowd, getting everyone fired up, etc. His rants are getting better and better each time I see him. The guy sure knows how to wooooo a crowd! Heck, Dee even gave me a shout. He saw me in costume and during one of his rants he yells, "dude, you're fucked're fucked up like me" Shit, I ate that one up!

Overall, I felt the boys played very tight and there were very very few minor problems. The sound was "itchy" at the beginning but that was cleared up fast and Dee's mic went out on him for about 10 seconds during one of his rants. Other than that, no other problems that I saw. Also, it was nice seeing Eddie Ojeda getting some attention. He was really jamming well as always on his guitar. Mark was Mark, slamming and banging the shit out of his bass and at one point took his mic stand and slammed it into his bass guitar. AJ looked awesome back on the drums. For a change, the crowd was able to see him as the drum set wasn't too far back on the stage area. And last but not least, Jay Jay not to be outdone hammered away some points on his guitar. But also Jay Jay really came out with a few funny rants of his own. Him and Dee looked to be in a "rant" competition.

Now onto the setlist. This may not be the exact order as I did not write it down, but I think it is very close to the actual set list.

Intro (Long Way to the Top)
What You Don't Know Sure Can Hurt You
Kids Are Back
Stay Hungry
Fire Still Burns
You Can't Stop Rock N Roll
We're Not Gonna Take It
Shoot Em Down
Burn In Hell
AJ Drum Solo
Captain Howdy
I Wanna Rock
The Price

For the encore, Dee ran off stage then came right back on and says "why should we leave, everyone will just see us standing off to the side, so we'll just go on and give you more" And thats when TS did The Price and dedicated it to the Armed Forces in attendance. And last they did SMF and dedicated it to all the SMF's out there as usual.

That about sums it up. I was not able to get pictures because I was decked out in costume, however, I know Kathy and C-Rod took a ton of pictures and would surely post them up on the board for us all to see.

Another awesome performance by the boys, and I look forward to seeing them in Canada on July 8th!

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