just saw this on the home page.....
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Subject: just saw this on the home page.....
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I just saw this note from the boyz on the home page.....

Billboard Magazine is out NOW with a Special Issue commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Twisted Sister.

Twisted Sister would like to thank all the SMFs who contributed to the purchase of the 'SMF Thank You' ad in the Speical Issue of Billboard. We do this all for you, and we love you.
Dee, Jay Jay, Eddie, Mark and AJ


All of us SMFs know you boyz do all this stuff.....30 years worth of stuff for all us SMFs. I know I've said thank you to the boyz many times both on this site and in person for giving me the inspiration to live and breathe by their music for 30 years so I want to say one more THANK YOU to Dee, Jay Jay, Eddie, Mark and AJ. I could not have lived without Twisted Sister music in my life.

Being the humble, gracious band that TS is, they didn't have to do 30 years worth of music for us...and I will always be grateful for having their music in my life in the past, present and future.

Twisted Sister.....on behalf of many SMFs, we all love you too!

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Subject: RE: just saw this on the home page.....
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That was really special, wow. I sure do love them! Seems like forever too! Well, it has...30 years! Unreal...