An idea for this board....
SMF, Germany
Posted 2006-03-09 8:47 AM (#749)
Subject: An idea for this board....
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Hello Webbie and all SMF's out there,

I like the new board a lot which finally needs a registration in order to write here. This is much appreciated.....

What I am totally missing here is a 'trader section' (for records, bootlegs and all other kinds of stuff...). I know that most bands do not like bootlegs of their own shows, but hey, there's a lot of bands these days who see this quite relaxt (i.e. M. Crue) or who even make a fortune of $ with it (Metallica). Why can TS not do so ? I'm sure a lot of SMF's here would pay for shows in decent quality if they could download it off the official HP, don't you think ?

As for me, I am tired of chasing after all those UK sows, for example, from last year which, if they pop-up at all, have a shitty quality or are incomplete. So why not give us fans the chance to trade/download these shows here semi-officially ? If it wasn't for all those underground livetape-traders 25 years ago, I doubt that TS would ever have got that famous. So come on guys, especially M.A.M., who, I'm sure, has EVERY show on some media ;-), get into your basements and dig those tapes out for us.

Just a thought.....

Greetings from Germany
SMF and bootlegger for life :-)))))))))