A bunch of shamelss plugs
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Subject: A bunch of shamelss plugs
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One of my favorite comedians and all around metal head Brian Posehn will be the guest host on Headbangers ball tomorrow night at 10pm. If you're not sure who he is check out his myspace page, while there check out his video its fuckin funny. www.myspace.com/brianposehn He's a big SMF so check it out. If you have sirius he will be on Hardattack tomorrow as well at 3pm. I was there for both tapings and he plays some killer tunes.

Everyone needs a toolbar, so check this one out www.myspace.com/searchwithrelapse.com and you can download a Relapse records or 10 other artist custom tool bar and by using it you can win cool prizes.

Thats it for my whoring, but its a good kind of whoring.
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Subject: RE: A bunch of shamelss plugs
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Hey Saber pal? Where is the animated Icon for Brian I uploaded ya? lol....what's up wit dat?
haha..he is a funny guy. I would love to see him live.