Tuesday's Daily News Richard Huff story
Posted 2006-03-08 2:04 PM (#737)
Subject: Tuesday's Daily News Richard Huff story
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Richard Huff writes in Tues NY daily news about the PTC (Parents Television Council) TV-content survey.The PTC cited a Spongebob episode called 'Sailor Mouth' where Spongebob and and Patrick learn why bad words are, well, bad, & they vow to never use them again. No bad words were uttered in the episode they were 'bleeped out' by dolphin sounds like the sound Flipper used to make. Not Flipper the band, Flipper the TV Dolphin !! lol Anyway the PTC, in their infinite wisdom claimed the dolphin sounds represent the F-bomb & a word for buttocks. Mr. Huff writes "Those words do not exist in the episode--& are only created in the minds of adults or young folks exposed to such language in the schoolyard or, dare I say, at home."Sounds like Dee's testamony on Capital hill while explaining that UTB was about surgery not the sado-bondage that existed in the mind of Mrs. Gore.