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Posted 2006-10-04 5:03 AM (#6251)
Subject: audio files
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Hi, was checking out the download section this morning.
(coz I sometimes put the audio files on in the background. especially the ones that are a bit out of the ordinary or not on any of the records).

I see the audio files are no longer there - have they been taken down and will they be going back up?

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Posted 2006-10-22 9:55 AM (#6783 - in reply to #6251)
Subject: RE: audio files
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I noticed the same thing last night. Any news ? Will they be putting them back up ?
Posted 2006-10-22 1:27 PM (#6788 - in reply to #6251)
Subject: They'll be back once the 'Twisted Christmas' tour is done.
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It has to do with the streaming jukebox we use. There's a fuller explanation in the main forum.

Tunes are still there, just turned off for now so the Christmas stuff can run.

- D