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Posted 2006-02-19 6:10 PM (#13)
Subject: Thread Display Options
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This board is a bit different from the old Slamboard, in that it lets you decide how message threads are displayed.

You can keep them 'flat,' which shows every message all in a row. That's the Default.

Or you can set the board to show 'threaded replies,' like the old Slamboard. That'll come in handy on the longer threads.

A third option is viewing threads in 'Nested' mode - which means each reply shows as an indented line below the previous post.

You can set individual thread settings at the top of each thread (with the 'Message Format' drop-down box at top right), or you can set all threads to show the same on your Profile page with the 'Default forum viewing method' and 'Default thread viewing method' buttons.

- D