MAM's set list from Animal Tactic's last night...nice..
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Subject: MAM's set list from Animal Tactic's last night...nice..
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Mark sends a bulletin to his friends on Here is the set list from last night. I listened to some fo the show on the way to see Don's band. It was hysterical. Mark was telling his "Horse Tales"

Goes like this:

Carrie went to a show last last night and he had "horse-duty." He explains how some horses DON'T ever belong together in the same paddock. one point during the feeding frenzie he turns and sees a female horse in with 2 MALES! lol..he says.."this ain't good" he walks over and gently takes the horse by the bridle and tries to lead her OUT of that paddock through the barn area before all hell breaks loose. WELL, she starts to resist him with all her might tugging his arm nearly pulling it out of the socket and BACK up pulling him toward her. LMAO...MAM digs his heels into the ground and they were in "stale-mate"...they both just stood there looking at each other staring! OMG! Then he says..."YOU NEVER HURT A HORSE, NEVER. YOU DON'T EVER LAY YOUR HAND ON A HORSE OR HIT IT!!!"....{what a teddy bear! haha..} Anyway...he finally convinces the horse that it is his way or no way and all is well, she goes with him finally. Guess Mark really has that KILLER look, eh? HAHA...

Was a great show. I lost reception once I reached Nassau County, bummer. I did hear a little bit of the interview with AJ and the band. Can't wait to see them at the Drum Clinic the 29th!

Dang, I missed the newest Christmas song too at the end of Mark's show.."Let It Snow!!!!" We sang on that one...geeze!

Psssssssssssssttttttttttttttt.....oh DCT??? LQQkie at this set list???? See what I see??? 3 QR in a row!!!! hehehehe...

Saturday, September 23, 2006: Set List For September 22nd, 2006 Show Animal Tactic's

Judas Priest - Hard As Iron

Iron Maiden - Different World (NEW)

Ozzy Osbourne - Flying High Again

Rush - Closer To The Heart

White Zombie - Black Sunshine

Alice In Chains - What The Hell Have I

Black Sabbath - Turn Up The Night

Motley Crue - Live Wire

Aerosmith - Back In The Saddle

Van Halen - Unchained

Queen - Tie Your Mother Down

Metallica - Stone Cold Crazy

Queen - Headlong

Sonic Stomp - Sonic Stomp

Tred - Self Esteem

Sonic Stomp - Jam On It

Queensryche - Gonna Get Close To You

Queensryche - Eyes Of A Stranger

Queensryche - I'm American

Allen/Lande - Where Have The Angels (NEW)

Meridine Atomiche - In The Cage (NEW)

Mystic Prophecy - Shadows Beyond My Soul (NEW)

Kix - Girl Money

Dangerous Toys - Sportin' A Woody

Skid Row - Big Guns

Twisted Sister - Let It Snow (NEW) {To Be Released 10/17/06}

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