TWisted Sister concert august 28th 2006 Michigan State Fairgrounds
Posted 2006-09-09 4:59 PM (#5589)
Subject: TWisted Sister concert august 28th 2006 Michigan State Fairgrounds
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Wow What a fucking great show!!!! I've only been able too see Twisted Sister twice in concert(i've been an S.M.F. since 84) both times in the past three years.And just because i'm a sick mother fucking friend of the sister isn't the reason i think both shows were two of the best i've ever seen.These guys may be old but they kick major fucking ass!!!!!!!!And that's no lie.I've been to over 200 concerts in my life and their show at Royal Oak music Theatre in Royal Oak Michigan on November 1st 2003 was by far the best fucking show i've ever seen,no bull,they kicked our asses for at least two fucking hours playing songs from all five albums.The show at the state fair grounds would have been even better than that had they been allowed to play for at least a half hour more,but they only got to play for about and hour and a half ,in the mother fucking rain yet,and the harder it rained the harder they rocked,and it was pissing down rain through out the whole show and the sister rocked the fuck on.Most bands would have either canceled or played for less than an hour ,but not the sister our boys in drag kicked ass for and hour and a half at least and would have kept going if they would have been allowed too.I hope that they come back to Detroit for at least one more show ,even if it's just too support their christmas song album(which i'm buying as soon as it comes out).For those of us who have gotten the oppertunity to see the sister live in concert,we are truely lucky cause we have see one of the best bands ever live,for thoses who haven't ,sorry for your rotton luck.And for those that don't like the sister .......................GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU FUCKING HOMO'S!!!!!.....METAL RULES ALL!!!!!!!!

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