Vegas Set List-9/02/06
Posted 2006-09-08 3:03 PM (#5567)
Subject: Vegas Set List-9/02/06
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Saw the boys in Detriot, No pictures. Couldn't shoot between the rain drops. The show was excellent and the boys put on a great show in spite of the challenges with mother nature. Dried out in Vegas at 105 degrees during the day. The show was fantastic, the boys put on another great show that Rocked the "Hard Rock" and "Las Vegas". Glad to have DCT there, she is always alot of fun and laughs. Nice to finally meet SMF Cindee from Canada. Missed you Joe Rock! Had a great time!
The set list: (This is from the origional list.)
What You Don't Know
Kids Are Back
Can't Stop Rock and Roll
The Beast
I Am, I'm Me
Fire Still Burns
Shoot 'Em Down
We're not gonna Take It
The Price
Burn In Hell
Drum Solo
Burn In Hell
Under the Blade
I Wanna Rock
It's Only Rock N' Roll
Come Out and Play