Full 4 day review - BULGARIA Show at 08.25.06 - ...and some great pics...stay tuned for more pics...
Macedonian SMF
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Subject: Full 4 day review - BULGARIA Show at 08.25.06 - ...and some great pics...stay tuned for more pics...
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Hello SMF's, My friends and Twisted fuckin' Sister, my best band from my childhood and forever !!!
This is my full review from the Bulgarian show, my first Twisted Sister expirience and i HOPE not the last one !!!

Macedonian SMF’s review on Bulgarian show held on 08.25.06

The 4 Day Review on a Twisted Sister show in Bulgaria by an SMF who waited for years to see his long-years favorite band and finnaly it happened:

The link to 27 pics in the Photo Gallery:

more better pics to come...

- It all started few months ago when I heard the news that my favorite band will be playing in a country next to mine. I got shocked, because I have missed TS twice till then in Greece, because the Visa problems. I was glad cause we (Macedonia) don’t need Visas for Bulgaria. It was perfect, so I was ready for a long trip on the sea shore of the Black Sea in Bulgaria.
- The day came when I wanted to take my trip. It was three days before the show. I got in to the bus with my girlfriend who supports me in everything, so she wanted to be with me on this event, and I wanted her to be with me there too. We started the trip, and in the bus I found 4 more guys who were going, some on TS, and some for Testament.
- We had a long trip filled with rock and metal music stories with the friends. We got in the city of Varna after 14 hours of tripping. The guys wanted to settle there in Varna, but not me and my girl, we wanted to be in Kavarna, the city where the event will be…So we had one hour trip more to Kavarna. When we got there, the first we did was to find a room, and we did it pretty fast. As we got in to the room, we layed on the bed and got a few hours rest.
- It was 23-rd of August and the show was 2 days after. We had 2 days for exploring the city and the beautifull beaches that were about 1 mile from where we were settled. We went on the beach those 2 days, had some fun just walking around the city, and meeting a lot of metalheads, and some really cool SMF’s. I took a photo with the biggest Bulgarian SMF who is 40 years old and came with his family with his huge bike. You can see a pic of me and him in my gallery on the TS site galleries.
- One day before the show we got tickets for the show. It was some kind of a festival who lasts whole week there, so we saw some other concerts for free. Some band from America called Supermax played, but I do not knew them.So after a good fun in the city of Kavarna, the BIG DAY came.

THE DAY OF THE SHOW (08.25.06):

The day came. It was 25-th of August. It was my Birthday too . My girlfriend gave me a present and said all my wishes to come true today. I beleaved in that. We got up early. I didn’t wanted to miss a thing. We had something to eat, and off we went on the stadium to see the soundcheck. It was about 10:30 in the morning. We got there, and saw a big rush of the 3 band’s roadies. But the stage was setting for Twisted Sister, cause they were the headliners that night. So I got in the back of the stage, and there was some Helloween fans who were waiting too. But I didn’t care for Helloween. I just wanted to meet my own TS. I looked up on the stage as they were setting the equipment and I couldn’t beleave what I see…..The legendary A.J.Pero was setting his own drums and trying them on. WOW man, what have I saw, my idol in drumming, the best and original TS drummer, AJ Pero……So I said to myself, I will wait for him to meet him. I waited few hours for him to come down off the stage. I said to my girl: He must be a HUGE drum fanatic since he was alone drumming few hours on a sound check . Some of the security and the promoters was making hard for me to go backstage, and I waited on the side. And finnaly, AJ came on the side of the stage with one Bulgarian fellow, they were going in the hotel for a press conference. And I said to him: Hey AJ, AJ, HI…..And he said: Hello There, how are you? I sais: AJ, maybe you remember me, I wrote you few e-mails? I’m the Macedoinan SMF. And AJ smiled and he was very glad, and said: Dude, I surely remember, yes I remember getting e-mails from Macedonian SMF….WOW, he said, I’m glad to meet you Mac. WOOOW, I was talkin’ to my idol in drums and he remembers me. Awesome. We talked about 5 minutes. I told him that I’m from the TS board and he said: Don’t worry, I’ll tell Danny Stanton that you’re here and you traveled 500 miles just for us. I asked to take pics with him and we done some awesome pics. He said that it wouldn’t be a problem to meet the other guys too, before the show or around 5 PM on the soundcheck. He signed mine TS-Stay Hungry CD and the Live At Wacken DVD. Awesome….I was like the happiest SMF in the world on my B-day. I told him to say Hello from me to the boyz…..Also, we talked a bit for the slamboard and I told him who I know from here, like MP, Donna from CT, Cindy, and he said: Limey? You know the Limed one? I said: sure, I know Limes, the one who made the TS puppets….And he just had a great smile: Yeah Yeah, great puppets. 
So that was it, I met him, went for a rest in the room with my girlfriend, and waited for 5 PM to come.
Finnaly it came 5 PM. We went on the soundcheck, but disappointment…..They said to me that TS won’t do a soundcheck, cause I think that their roadies did it. I also met one of the TS roadies named Keith….He was a great guy, had some chat with him too. So they told me that TS will come at about 8 PM.
I waited 3 hours, and nothing. I was asking for Danny Stanton for the whole day, but the promoters and the security didn’t like to call him and tell him that I look for him. I was explaining them that Danny the menager told me to look for him there but nothing. Testament started playin’ in 8:30 PM and I missed them a bit cause I was waiting for my boyz to come backstage. Finnaly, they came with a van, they got out and I started shouting: DEE, MARK, DANNY STANTON !!!, and all over and all over again until they got inside. I was little pissed on the promoters cause they didn’t want to call Danny for me, but that was it, I had to go and get ready for the Twisted Sister concert, my first and maybe the last TS gig in my life. I couldn’t beleave that Mark and Dee were on few meters from me, but they hadn’t turn their views to me, cause I sopouse they couldn’t listen to me from the Testament loud playin’. That was it. I got a beer and went inside the stadium. Watched a bit of Testament, watched the whole Helloween show, and finnaly the stage prepared for the bad boys of R’n’R. The lights were off. “It’s a long way to the top” started playin’ and the people went nuts. Some guy with long blond hair went to the mic and I heard the beginning of “What you don’t know”… And I heard a voice: GOOD EVENING BULGARIA, WANT YOU PLEASE WELCOME, FROM NEW YORK, THE LEGENDARY TWISTED SISTER !!!
Dee came out saluting the crowd and the show started. What you don’t know till the chorus was without the lights. On the chorus, the lights hitted and the crowd went nuts again. Dee was singin’ perfect and roaring like a lion. The band was tight. They were all in a great mood. The first song ended. I heard Dee sayin: Good Evening Bulgaria !!! And I shouted: If You’re ready to kick some ass, We Are TWISTED FUCKIN’ SISTER !!!, and a second after me Dee said the same and started “The Kids Are Back”….The people around me watched me like: How the hell do you know what he’s gonna say???  I banged my ass on “The Kids” They had a little problem on the song with the power going off twice but just for a sec. and everything just went on again. They ended the second one and I heard Dee shouting: BULGARIA !!! And then me again: STAY HUNGRYYYY !!!...And Dee again: STAY HUNGRYYY !!!, The people around me watching me and like: How the fuck do you know???  My girlfriend also said to me: How you knew that? I Said to her: I listen to TS for years, follow their career and watch and listen every concert that is available, so I know everything about them, I know how they live and breathe 
Stay Hungry went great. Next one was Captain Howdy. Dee said to the crowd: This next song inspired a movie that I done few years ago called Strangeland. I don’t know if Strangeland got up till here. The crowd is quiet, and Dee’s Reaction: Well, I guess not.  Anyway, the next song is called Captain Howdy. I sang every little word of it. Then I lost track of what song were they playin in a row, but the setlist says it all. Dee had some awesome raps between the songs, It was interesting to saying all the names for the boyz in the band and saying about Eddie something like: Back in Black, the guy with the bullseye on his guitar, so the girls know where his dick is, Eddie “Fingers” Ojeda !!!  Everybody laughed.
It was awesome. When “The Price” came, it all started great with the Eddie’s solo on the beginning and the crowd sang the solo….Then Dee stopped the music and said: STOP, let’s try something guys. And for the first time they did something, they started the song without the Eddie’s solo on the beginning, but just with the awesome riffs, and the crowd sang Eddie’s solo. Can u imagine how it sounded. It was something unforgettable. Awesome song, I hugged my girl and we both sang the song to the end. I sang all the songs of the gig, I was out of voice few days after, even when I came home, my folks asked me what’s wrong, am I sick or something  Yes I am, I’m an SMF  LOL. Jay Jay made his famous rap about The “American Idol” and started “The Fire Still Burns”. My girl loves that song the most so we banged our heads and sang the whole time….The Bulgarian SMF’s were great, all Positive and the reactions of Twisted Sister were awesome, Bulgaria welcomed TS very widely and openly and showed them that on these parts they are a very respected band. The show ended with I WANNA ROCK, or I WANNA FUCK as Dee was singing and telling the crowd to sing I WANA FUCK after him  I laughed my ass on that one  They went backstage and everybody shouted : TWISTED SISTER !!!! and so on…. Then, we heard the Come Out And Play Intro: TWISTED SISTER, COME OUT AND PLAY……AND THEY STARTED ONE OF THE MOST ENERGETIC SONGS OF TS !!! Come out and play Was on the bill, I went nuts, Dee sang perfect and the boyzzz were in a real shape. Awesome. They ended the show with SMF and it was the most beautifull concert that I have ever been in my life, and the most greatest birthday of all in my life.
The next day, my ears were ringing, but I felt great…..
I was a little depressed about not meeting Danny Stanton and the other boyz, and cause I haven’t got the chance to tell them who I am, that I’m the Macedonian SMF from the board and that it’s my Birthday, but that was it…..I met 1/5 from the band. 20% from Twisted Sister  I Met A.J. and you can look our pics in my Gallery on TS’s site. We took a rest the next day and went home on 27-th of August. Had a bus trip for about 15 hours, and existed, I got home, satisfied and the most HAPPY person in the world, I STILL AM HAPPY and will be for the rest of my life. Thank You Twisted Sister For Being a part of my life and giving me all the hope and good moments, strength to carry on and happiness in my life. THANK YOU BOYZZZ….. I REALLY HOPE I WILL HAVE ANOTHER CHANCE OF MEETING YOU AND WATCH ANOTHER TWISTED SHOW !!!


Macedonian SMF (Uros Veljkovic)
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Subject: RE: Full 4 day review - BULGARIA Show at 08.25.06 - ...and some great pics...stay tuned for more pic
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Good to hear that you got to meet at least one guy of TS. It is a simple fact that meeting bands at the venue is nearly impossible, unless you get to the backstage. The best chance is always at the hotel.
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Subject: RE: Full 4 day review - BULGARIA Show at 08.25.06 - ...and some great pics...stay tuned for more pic
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So everyone, what you think of the review and pics?

Soon, better pics will follow, from my girl's photo camera, as soon as we transfer them
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Subject: RE: Full 4 day review - BULGARIA Show at 08.25.06 - ...and some great pics...stay tuned for more pic
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Check out this site

There you can find more TS pics from the show in Kavarna, BG
twisted brother
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Subject: RE: Full 4 day review - BULGARIA Show at 08.25.06 - ...and some great pics...stay tuned for more pic
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hey, MAC SMF, what a story, eh!? great to hear your impressions there, i was there too and i felt the way you did as TS are the band of my life. best ever music experience. hope we'll have the chance to see them again. stay sick my friend.
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Subject: RE: Full 4 day review - BULGARIA Show at 08.25.06 - ...and some great pics...stay tuned for more pic
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Awesome review Mac... you make me back to thing in the good memories I have of my experience in the TS show here in Spain just few months ago...

I'm so sorry you coundnt to know to Danny and the rest of the boyzzz. They are very nice people in person and always try to help to everybody when they can, but I'm sure you will be able to see them in other chances... and if they cant back close to your country... you can go to others places of Europe like myself I will do next time to see them again if they cant come to Spain. Always is nice to do this kind of trips to see one of your favourite bands in live... It is PRICELESS!

Anyway... to met the great AJ, it was one of the best gift you have received never... right? :D

Glad to know you spent so great time in the show and very nice you girlfriend share with you the passions for TS! Beautiful pics bro! 



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Subject: RE: Full 4 day review - BULGARIA Show at 08.25.06 - ...and some great pics...stay tuned for more pic
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hey, neighbour smf, I am one of those who can understand fully how you felt because I saw TS for the first time in my life very recently, in july at the rockwave festival in greece. I still can't get out of my mind the experience.I read a review about the rockwave festival at a famous greek rock magazine yestrday. what surprised the reviewer was the fact that there was a lot of young crowd in the twisted sister audience and sang along songs that when came out, many of them were not even born.The Twisted boys really stood the test of time.
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Subject: RE: Full 4 day review - BULGARIA Show at 08.25.06 - ...and some great pics...stay tuned for more pic
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Hiya MAC..

I really enjoyed reading your trip agenda and totally ROCKIN' review! I'm sorry you had such a hard time reaching Danny and was such a let down. I could feel your excitement so much before you left and was really hoping you'd get to meet all the boyzzz. But I am really glad you did get to meet AJ. He is so nice and great to chat with. That was a huge PLUS for sure.

Thanks so much for this indepth review and your sentiments. Your photo's are great too! Thanks for sharing MAC my friend!

Stay Sick and TWISTED!

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Subject: BULGARIA Show at 08.25.06 - ...and some great pics...stay tuned for more pic
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It was a GREAT show!!!
I had never thought, that I will see Twisted live, but I saw the fuckin SMFs in action and I was melted!
Thanks Twisted Sister!!!
There are some photos from the show - http://davezone2.hit.bg/twisted2006/index.html