Just got back from State Fair in Detroit
Posted 2006-08-29 12:38 AM (#5294)
Subject: Just got back from State Fair in Detroit
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Hey all,

I just got back from the show at the Michigan State Fair Grounds....WOW...2000+ hard core fans stood outside (in the rain) for a great show. Its been along time since I stood outside in the rain....got wet undies,sloshy shoe's, and a love for good metal. Thanks Dee... and also to all the rest of the band. Dee... if you have ever had doubt about the fans in Detroit..(which i know you have not) never doubt us again. If this was the last show you will play in the big D then i am proud to say i was a part of it. I, along with thousands of other true metal fans love your show..(The House of Hair) on WRIF in DETROIT. I will also pat you on the back for not knowing a single country singer...LOL.. that was classic.

Flower umbrellas...dogie ubmbrellas..and a bunch of metal heads...like i said ...classic!!!

Good luck to you and yours...from the heart

I love the fact that you brought your children with you...and out on stage....we all want to ROCK....even in the rain

A loyal fan, with squishy shoes...LOL...long live Metal