Just got back from State Fair
Posted 2006-08-28 11:14 PM (#5292)
Subject: Just got back from State Fair
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I just got back from the show at the Michigan State Fair. I don't think I'll ever be dry again. But a little rain is nothing for Twisted Sister. The people sitting around me were getting really anxious that they might cancel, but TS didnt let us down. My family and I had a great time, despite the rain and it being freaking FREEZING. Driving home in it was a bit scary, I hope everyone else got home okay. I think my favorite part of the show was Dee with the umbrella during The Price. Or about how it never rains on the country singers.

Anyway, I definitely enjoyed it. This is only my second TS show (my sister and I are part of the 17 and younger club), but it was great. My dad was worried it'd suck and not be as good as the Philly show because of the rain, but Twisted Sister can put on a great show no matter what the weathers like. And it was damn cool to show TS that Detroit has still got it. There's nothing like having your favorite band play a show in your own city.
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Lucky you! I wish I had been able to make it. Glad you had an incredible time. They are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Subject: RE: Just got back from State Fair
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AH too bad for the rain...GREAT you had a rockin' time anyway! Thanks for the post...

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