Twisted sister, go to quebec again!!!!
Posted 2006-08-22 10:59 AM (#5121)
Subject: Twisted sister, go to quebec again!!!!
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I wanna see Twisted Sister to Quebec City again!!!!
Go here again!!!
80000 people!! i thinks it's better than some TS show!! why don't you go!? a 3 time!
how to get autographs!??
In show you are impossible to find!

happy to have see you in the crowd 80000 people, i was in the front!!!

But i don't thinks see you again


It's the best day of my life and i want a new one!

I have a question!!

Twisted Sister do a last album because they never play again in show!?
Or they play some show and never records again!?
SMF Cyndi
Posted 2006-08-25 12:40 AM (#5187 - in reply to #5121)
Subject: RE: Twisted sister, go to quebec again!!!!
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Well, I tell you this..IF they ever play there again..

I WILL BE THERE! FACT! That was surreal! I want to feel that high one more time...oooooooo yeah!

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