Germany tonight
Posted 2006-07-28 6:17 AM (#4438)
Subject: Germany tonight
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Extreme SMF

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Hey all you German SMF's

Hope you have a rockin' time tonight and look forward to hearin' you're reviews

We'll all be with you in spirit

TS Fan Forever
Posted 2006-07-28 11:19 AM (#4447 - in reply to #4438)
Subject: RE: Germany tonight
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Nearly A Band Member

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I wish I could've gone to this show tonight in Germany, or even Bulgaria in a week or so. Unfortunately money is tight and I don't even have a passport. So thats a double whammy for me.....LOL

And with no passport, I'll get kicked out and booted right back to the US of A. LOL

So I think I'll save my moolah and go to the show in Pittsburg december 9th.