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Subject: www.pandora.com
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I don't know if any of you SMFs have discovered this site yet, www.pandora.com. You enter the name of a band or a song that you like and the site programs a play list based on that info. I put in TS and created Twisted Sister Radio (you can rename if you want). You then have a chance to vote on the song choice to help them tailor the playlist to your liking. So far I've heard Fireball Ministries and Metal Church.

They can't play the song you requested due to copyright infringement law and I don't know if they are restricted from playing the artist you choose.

You can share the list you help design with others (MP email coming your way).

Anyone who digs this can thank my wife, as she found the site.

UPDATE: Artist question has been answered! Just heard the mechanical breathing of the King of All Beasts - Destroyer is now playing!

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that's cool!