Do you like to laugh?
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Subject: Do you like to laugh?
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The company I work for is putting out a great cd by comdian Brian Posehn.(The dude from the Staples commercials and a zillion other shows) It also has 2 metal songs feturing Scott Ian, John Tempesta and Joey Vera. The cd comes out on 7/11 and he will be on WB 11 MORNING News(for the NY SMF'S) that day as well as Conan that night. For the Vegas SMF'S I will be with him on 7/12 at ZIA Record Exchange come on down an meet him/me. If you want to hear the song Metal by Numbers just email me at and I'll send you an mp3. Don't be afraid to check out for cool stuff.


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Subject: RE: Do you like to laugh?
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I highly recommend buying this CD if you like comedy. This guy is one of the funniest SMFs I think I've ever heard.

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Subject: RE: Do you like to laugh?
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Thanks for the mp3 Pat..that was great!!!!!!!! I checked out his website, love that guy!

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