Pretty neat review from Metalheart@Las Vegas/Sweden Rock 2006
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Subject: Pretty neat review from Metalheart@Las Vegas/Sweden Rock 2006
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Here is the TS part...the link to the rest of the blog is below. It is pretty interesting and funny! Lots of great pic's!

Las Vegas (late April 2006)

As usual I had a great time in Vegas. And I kept my promise to spend more money at Girls of Glitter Gulch than at the casinos. I made a lot of new friends there and also met some familiar faces (Hi Logan!).

My company, Mattias, came home to the hotel at noon and woke me up and I spent the days on my own on the Strip. I managed to visit a few places I never visited on my previous visits like Rio and Santa Fe station (Don't go there by bus, LOL).

The last day I was able to get Mattias out of bed before sunset and we went to Stratosphere to get shot up in the air and tilted over the edge of this huge building. Once again this was something I never did on my previous visits so it was really cool.

The last evening I saw Twisted sister at Silverton Casino. This was my original reason for going back to Las Vegas this time. A great gig in front of a swimming pool. Dee Snider: "We got offers to play all over this town. Ceasars palace wanted us and we said...*spits on the ground*. WE WANT TO PLAY IN FRONT OF A FUCKING SWIMMINGPOOL!"

The show got towards it's end and they played I wanna rock where they got the whole audience to scream "Rock!" over and over again. Dee Snider: "Right now fat ladies are sitting in front of their slot.machines shitting in their pants! *pause* Not because you are shouting "Rock!" so loud but because it is basically time for them to shit in their pants." The rest of the band members had a hard time keeping a straight face with Dee's outbursts.

**Please note I did made him aware of my posting intentions, he was kewl with it!