Yes Dear-We're Not Gonna take IT
Posted 2006-06-22 7:54 PM (#3636)
Subject: Yes Dear-We're Not Gonna take IT
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One night i was fliping threw the channels and there was nothing on so it landed on Yes Dear (a sit-com) I timed it just right a lady got in to her suv or car she was mad and looked liked she was having a bad day. She then grabed a tape, yes atape not cd and put it in and it was playing WE'RE Not Gonna Take It and she was singing along with it hiting the stearing wheel with her hands. it played until the the 2nd lin in verse 2. Then a gut in the back seat came up and scared her and said what is wrong.Then she turned it down. it was cool the lady was getting ito it good. Long Live Twisted Sister Rock hard 4-life and stay sick. take it fellow SMFs.