Request to Dee & the lads for Alcatraz Festival
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Posted 2014-07-05 8:26 PM (#33937)
Subject: Request to Dee & the lads for Alcatraz Festival
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Dear Twisted Fuckin' Sister

Saw you last year at Hellfest and was really looking forward to it as you were playing my favourite song of yours ('We're Gonna Make It') that summer but thanks to you, and all us SMF's being fucked about you didn't play it what with having a shorter set and all that. Anyway I'm flying over from England to see you at the Alcatraz festival in Belgium in August so if you read this any chance you can throw in 'We're Gonna Make It' into the setlist for that show to make this old SMF come in his pants a little*?


(*Seeing you live in Belgium I will still come in my pants a little anyway I'm just asking for an added little spurt!)