setlist is up!
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Subject: setlist is up!
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Full setlist last night-- 16 songs total!
posted on the blog

still running low on fumes here--need another hour or three of sleep and the road report will be posted soon
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Subject: RE: setlist is up!
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hey Armadillo-thanks for the setlist.Still think they should start with What you don't know,but nevermind.I just wondered -are you part of the road crew or something or just a superfan.Im new to the forum so sorry but I didn't know.Cant wait til tomorrow,of in a couple of hours to catch A7X tonight ,and back tomorrow for obvious reasons
Macedonian SMF
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Subject: RE: setlist is up!
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AWESOME Terry. Thanks for the info as always man, can't wait to see ya again in Austria.

Yes... Terry is a part of the crew