This guy gets it...
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There is no shortage of '80s metal bands who are plugging away in clubs or package tours, often with only one or two original members, trying to hold on to whatever fading fame or nostalgia they can for as long as possible. Then there's Twisted Sister. Featuring an intact classic-era lineup of Dee Snider, Eddie Ojeda, Jay Jay French, Mark Mendoza, and AJ Pero, Twisted Sister continues to put on shows that rival, and some say better, the concerts from their heyday. They maintain their relevance not through constant touring but by remaining a rare commodity, performing a limited number of show per year.

That Twisted Sister has handled their current status so differently than many of their peers will come as no surprise to fans of the band. Since their formation in the '70s, they've always walked a unique path. Where other “hair metal” bands were meticulous in their makeup, hair, and androgynous appearance, Twisted Sister slathered on their makeup with a trowel, looking less like David Bowie than like a group of terrifying transvestite bikers. Where their peers pulled musical influences from the sex-obsessed lyrics of bands like Kiss, Twisted Sister's lyrics mixed the horror show aspects of Alice Cooper with the teenage rebellion of The Ramones. Where other bands tried to toughen up their image with Satanic lyrics or symbols, Twisted Sister proved they were in on the joke by basing their music videos on old Looney Tunes skits.

Since reforming in 2003, Twisted Sister's members have kept a light schedule, usually only performing a dozen or less shows per year at festivals, charity events, and a few select tour dates. This has allowed the band's members to keep up with their numerous solo projects as producers, actors, managers, and charity activists, and has also served to make a Twisted Sister concert a special occasion.

Musically, the band remains at the top of their game. The limited touring schedule means you get the very best of Twisted Sister every night you see them. The band has always been heavier live than on their albums and this extra punch has only intensified with age. Anchored by the relentlessly driving backbeat of Mark Mendoza's bass and AJ Pero's drums and the dueling guitar work of Jay Jay French and Eddie Ojeda, Twisted Sister gives off the energy of a club band whether performing in a small venue or before 40,000 fans at a festival.

Then of course there's vocalist Dee Snider. Defying rock norms, Snider's voice has actually gotten better with age, the result of vocal coaching after throat surgery several years ago. Snider can still hit the high notes, the growls, and everything in between. As a frontman, Snider is everything you want in a live performer. He has a dynamic stage presence that reels audiences of any size in and keeps everything contained.

If you want to see Twisted Sister live in concert, you might have to do a little work to find one of their increasingly rare concert dates. But the payoff will be well worth the effort.

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That was Flattering.....

Good job.

Captain Howdy
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Pretty much hits the nail on the head.
Fast Joey
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Yup...very well put. Great job.
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I agree. Dead on!