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Extreme SMF

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So I'm a fan who has been with TS since 1979. Can't count the number of shows I've seen. I'm from Boston and traveling on business in Long Island, only here for a few days. I was at a restaurant called Pacer's tonight and the bartender told me that Dee Snider lives only a few minutes away. Well, the chances of him seeing this is one in a million but if he does.....Dee...I've spent thousands on TS and every other project you have had. I am the biggest SMF you will find. You would probably recognize me if you saw me. If you see this, I'd love to meet for coffee. If not, I get it. It's a shot in the dark.

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Full-On SMF

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Dude, good luck. Although Dee is vary busy, you may get him with the Coffee thing. He loves his coffee.
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I played golf with Dee this past weekend.
He is going to California to look for a new house to live in..

I guess he's moving to the West Coast.

Jim Hudson
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To bad he doesn't want to move to Florida. It would no doubt be awesome to be his neighbor, course he probably wouldn't want to live in this god forsaken diesel truck hell neighborhood, Course we have a whole foods market pretty near buy, a sort of up scale market place. I heard that a family member of Howard Sterns was the founder of that establishment, cant say if that is true or not. I found it interesting I repaired a couple of things there. Always thought Howard is kinda awesome

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