J&R Music World NYC Sad Day
Posted 2014-03-25 8:42 PM (#33394)
Subject: J&R Music World NYC Sad Day
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i walked into J&R Music World today and found out their CD and DVD department is closing. Its a sad day to see a Record store i loved since college close down. Thank you J&R for many good memories.
Jim Hudson
Posted 2014-04-11 2:54 PM (#33468 - in reply to #33394)
Subject: RE: J&R Music World NYC Sad Day
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Yeap, Its a sign of the times brother! what can you do ---- it upsets me too. But I have to say kids today have it made anything you can think of just about is on you tube and if you hook your puter up to a good music system what a library you have not to mention no care of anything as far as music material--- Sweet. But It is killing rock to a certain degree it seems cause where is the money in record sales as JJ said . A lot of what would be awesome bands probably don't bother, It does suck in that way for sure, Me I still really like CD's