Dee Rules As Always!
Captain Howdy
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Subject: Dee Rules As Always!
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Dee performed in Milwaukee last night at the Grand Slam Charity Jam at Potawatomi Casino. This was an event to raise money for Camp Hometown Heros. The money raised goes to kids across the US that have lost a parent or loved one during military service so they can come to this camp over the summer. Great cause. The 80's metal cover band Hairball served as the house band and Dee came out about half way thru the set and completely took over the room. No surprise there. His first song was "We're Not Gonna Take It". After the song was finished, he then managed to "heal" the poor souls in the "handicap" section before having everyone sing one last chorus of "WNGTI". The next song he sang was AC/DC's "Highway to Hell". I'm pretty sure every single person in the room was singing along on this one! The 3rd and final song of Dee's appearance was, of course, "I Wanna Rock". It was short and sweet but enough to whip the audience into a frenzy that didn't let up until the lights came back on at the end of the night. Once again, Dee saves the day! LOL! It may have been short but it was still an awesome performance!

On another note, Dee is in ridiculous physical shape. The man simply refuses to age. Amazing!

Oh, and the night was a huge success! The goal was to raise 100k for the kids and by the end of the night, they had raised over 122k from donations and auction items. Thanks Dee and to all involved!!!
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Subject: RE: Dee Rules As Always!
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Awesome.... Dee and the others for a great cause.