Thought I'd share.
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Subject: Thought I'd share.
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Thought I'd share a couple of items ive had framed.

The one is me with Dee after a show in the uk a few years ago with a set list given to me by a roadie and Eddies plectrum,

The other one is a hand written Birthday Card organised by my sister, She wrote to Rebellion Records and a guy there sorted it out for me and got all 5 members of the band to sign it. Apparantley it was Dee's idea to alter a Christmas Card and send that. :-) Thankyou Dee.

 photo 1011783_10152196597114717_1762134428_n_zpsaf9d05e7.jpg

 photo 1896808_10152196597124717_946616539_n_zps218f6664.jpg

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Subject: RE: Thought I'd share.
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Awesome... I Have some myself... but i gotta frame that too :D
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Subject: RE: Thought I'd share.
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awesome! I've been looking for ideas on how to frame setlists and such--very nice!!!
Fast Joey
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Subject: RE: Thought I'd share.
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Thought I'd share one of mine too...

On the bottom, inside the glass from left to right are Mark, Dee, and Eddie from signatures I got in the clubs back in the early days.

After getting it framed, a few years went by and I met the band at a record signing at Looney Tunes in West Babylon, NY and got the whole band to sign the glass...kinda hard to see Eddie's in this pic, he signed on the cover next to Dee's pic..

Custom framing was done by Long Island Picture Frame and Art Gallery in Massapequa Park, Ny... Jim, the owner does incredible work, is a great drummer, and one hell of a nice guy...

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