Full on SMF
Richard UK SMF
Posted 2006-06-15 4:38 PM (#3507)
Subject: Full on SMF
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Nearly A Band Member

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Its official I am now a FULL ON SMF!!!! I have the guitar so will work on getting to band member status, watch out JAY JAY

I saw that the webmaster hoped that we would get 500 Slamboarders by the UK gigs. Its now just past 700!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Richard UK SMF
Posted 2006-06-15 5:14 PM (#3508 - in reply to #3507)
Subject: RE: Full on SMF
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Full-On SMF

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Way to go Richard!!

Top geezer!
Posted 2006-06-15 8:43 PM (#3514 - in reply to #3507)
Subject: I'm watching that number closely, Richard...
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So glad that our ranks have grown by 200 inside a couple of weeks!

The more, the merrier, I always say.

As far as your rankings go - the band, management, crew and record company guys all have custom rankings, set up by yours truly. You can get 'Nearly A Band Member,' tho. Have at it!

- D