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I was watching some of the behind the musics the other day and the one with styx stood out because it reminded me of twisted. Theres dennis deyoung telling them its my way or the highway. So they took the highway.Ego and controlling deyoung running the show.Styx got lucky and found a new singer. Twisted would have a harder task replacing snider,which I don't think is possible. The rest of the band would love just to play the clubs or small venues but snider is interested in snider. Oh he'll play the festivals for big money, but just to go out and play the area for the love of the music no way! ching ching ching is the sound. Sammy hagar who is way bigger for example is going on a tour of his four decades.The list,capitol theater in port chester,theater in red bank in new jersey,the sands in Pennsylvania all small venues by a guy who just sold his tequila empire for about 50 million.Why, he loves to play music! My opinion the rest of twisted would go out and play for the love of the music,but snider is focused on snider as usual.Too bad for the smfs that we can't see the boys more often. If kix can come back and start playing the circuit again and they are not nearly as big as twisted,the demand for twisted coming around to these type of venues would be huge! Ther are many venues in the 1500-3000 seats on the east coast that big name bands play every year. Why not twisted! NO EXCUSE!
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Sorry but I disagree. And I don't think you can comapre Twisted and Kix. Even though I am a big Kix fan, I think TS is far and away a bigger and better act and not the same thing at all no matter what kind of venue. (And its too bad Atlantic did nothing for Kix.) I believe TS plays festivals because it makes ecomonic sense like it makes sense for Kix to take a ride to wherever from PA when they can get together. I don't believe Dee runs the show, it's just business, which I don't pretend to understand...
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Are you kidding?
Hes almost 60 Fu@kin years old...Don't ya think he's tired of that shit by now?//
Come on now! He's paid his dues.

And Dee's said many many times he likes to do Other stuff.

Just my 2 cents!~
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Twisted Sister paid their dues and they paid 'em long ago, over and over again. They've played thousands of shows over the years, clawing their way to the top and they deserve every single penny that comes their way and all the fame and glory that comes with that. Twisted Sister loves to play--it's readily apparent when you watch them perform.

And by the way, all of the band members have families too---most have kids....Dee now has two beautiful grandkids...and he has lots and lots of other creative outlets. Why shouldn't the band have the chance to play the big shows and then have the time to do the things they want to do at this point in their lives? THEY EARNED THAT RIGHT.

Jay Jay has talked about the reason why they play festivals (several times) Twisted Sister can go over to South America and sell out arenas....they headline Graspop and pack 80,000 fans in there....
They are getting the chance now to headline festivals that they never had the chance to headline back in the 80's...who WOULDN'T jump at that?!

And really, how do YOU know what the rest of the band would love? I sure don't. I swear you must be bipolar or something--one post you love Dee, the next you're all up his ass about the fact that he isn't working for free. Twisted Sister does shows to support charitable events...but they don't work for charity! No successful band plays for free just because they love to play. They may all love to play...but they also have to feed their families, pay bills and earn a living, which you can't do when you play for free. Seriously--that's the difference between pro and amateur. Big tours do not serve the same purpose that they did in the 80's...we can thank downloads and the death of record albums for that.

They played only 9 shows last tour--4 of those were in the U.S. and of those, 1 of them THEY PLAYED FOR FREE--that's right. FREE. The band and crew all worked for FREE so that all of the proceeds went to the those in need at the Hurricane Sandy benefit in Long Island, New York in a SMALL CLUB. Did you go? NO EXCUSE.