Tony Petri in The Plasmatics
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Subject: Tony Petri in The Plasmatics
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I would really like to learn more about Tony Petri and his time in The Plasmatics. Since he is also a former drummer of Twisted Sister perhaps someone here in this forum has some information to share. The last couple of days I have been searching the internet about Tony and his time with The Plasmatics but I haven't found much. Here are some questions that I would like to find the answers to.

1. Was Tony really a member of The Plasmatics or was he just a temporary replacement drummer?

2. If he was a member of the band, for how long time was he a member? Personally I believe it wasn't for very long.

3. What drummer did he replace and who did replace Tony? Was it Stu Deutsch and Neal Smith?

4. Did Tony play on any studio recordings by the band or did he only play live with them?

5. On what records and what songs does Tony play? The only two songs that I'm sure of is "Sex Junkie" and "Masterplan" from the "Metal Priestess" minialbum/EP. Both of these are live recordings. According to he is also creditted on a couple of other releases. I am not really sure that allmusic is correct does anyone here know more about the following releases?

"New Hope For The Wretched" (1980)
The bands first full length album. The original release has 12 tracks and I'm pretty sure Tony doesn't play on these. Anyway the album has been re-released with bonus tracks. One 15 track version and one 19 track version. Most of these bonus tracks are live recordings, perhaps Tony plays on some of them? None of these bonus tracks are the two that I have already mentioned.

"Put Your Love In Me: Love Songs For The Apocalypse" (2002)
I believe that this albums only contain previously material, does anyone here know? Anyway it contains the track "Sex Junkie"

There are also a couple of "2 in 1 releases" that he is creditted on but these always contain "Metal Priestess". Are there any compilations by the band that features Tony on previously unreleased tracks?

Thanks in advance!
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Going from my hazy memory-Tony replaced Stu Deutsch in the band, and didn't stay with The Plasmatics for long. He didn't do any studio work with the band. I don't think Neal Smith ever played live with the band-he just did the Valley of 1984 recordings.
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Anyone knows about what recordings of The Plasmatics that feature Tony?