RIP Good Rat's Peppi Marchello
Fast Joey
Posted 2013-07-11 6:54 AM (#32421)
Subject: RIP Good Rat's Peppi Marchello
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It's another sad day...we've lost another one.

Sadly, Peppi Marchello of The Good Rats has passed away. This hit home for me because back in the early days when I used to see Twisted play in all the bars here on Long Island, The Good Rats was the other band that I went to see constantly, They were really really good, put out a few great albums, but unfortunately they were underrated and never hit the big time like they should have. This was the band that drummer Joe Franco came from. If you are not familiar with them at all, go to youtube and check out some stuff...and I'm sure Jay Jay surely MUST have a story or two...

RIP Peppi...