Congrats TS on Village Voice "Under The Blade" Honors
Posted 2013-07-10 7:06 AM (#32417)
Subject: Congrats TS on Village Voice "Under The Blade" Honors
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Congrats TS on your honors for "Under The Blade" in the Top 20 for NYHC and Heavy Metal! Of course, I would have ranked it at #1 over Anthrax, (even if Scott Ian went to my high school). I started reading the Village Voice at like 9 years old. My dad was a junkman, so I got my hands on the then subversive paper, along with others I would have never seen in da Bronx, such as Vanity Fair, Harper's Bazaar, etc.The Voice featured The NY Dolls and others on a scene I was too young to be a part of. All I wanted was to go to Manhattan but by the time I got there at 18, it was just bad punk and disco. Thank God for TS! So, like I said before, the whole city should be proud of you guys. Now let's see a key to the city and streets named after band members next! New York's Heaviest- Twisted Sister!