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This concert is going to be great because it's old school bands.The reason I'm pushing for the set change.When they play the festivals they have to stick to the list because the majority of the crowd wants the faves.This concert is going to be dominated almost i would say 90 percent by old school smfs! I think the people on this board,and the many who i know are coming want the change. Lets get rid of some of same ones that are played at the festivals and put in BAD BOYS OF ROCK AND ROLL-ILL NEVER GROW UP NOW! These two were always mainstays back in the day.The people i hear and talk to want it.These two kick ass!
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Hi Bobcat - I'm sure you will get a few surprises tomorrow. One thing I think it is fair to say is that Jay Jay (and the boys) are intune with their audience and know what they want. I have been fortunate enough to see Twisted several times since their re-incarnation in 2003 inc 5 of the 10 dates they played with Alice Cooper in 2005 - each night their set differed - yes there was the main songs that people would have expected but outside of this they mixed things up and changed things. Christmas 2009 and 3 dates in Vegas - every night different. 2011 back in NY for Uveitis benefit - extra 'old skool' songs thrown it.

I am far removed from the band so have no inside info at all - but I'm sure the set will lean heavily towards the 'original albums' rather then the later ones - although I'm sure 'the hits' from Stay Hungry will be there. I'd be extremely surprised if you get INGUN (I believe they have done that once in the past 10-12yrs and that was as Bent Brother) and their 'practice time' is severily limited these days. I believe Jay Jay has stated in an interview it will be a 50 minute set. Bad boys could be a possibility - but I would fully expect UTB, Shoot 'em Down, Kids are Back, YCSRnR, maybe Sin After Sin and possibly starting with WYDK(SCHY) - despite the fact they have been picking YCSRnR as their set opener this year.

These are all songs they played back in the clubs but they have also been played by Twisted in the past two years. Whatever they play I'm sure they will play with style - they always do. I'm sure you won't be disappointed - just enjoy it and place your faith in this great band - all those years in the clubs taught them how to gauge their audience and how to pick a set list. You were there - you saw it - these guys have just got even more professional at doing it - trust them. You will have a great time - I just wish I was able to make it over to witness it.