"Stay Hungry" MTV Uncensored DVD
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Subject: "Stay Hungry" MTV Uncensored DVD
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This may have been a post already, and I didn't see it, but... does anyone know if the DVD they gave away with their Re-Release of the Stay Hungry cd is still out there, or does anyone know where I can find a copy? Amoeba Records was out of it when I purchased the CD that day, and I've been looking for it since then. I know it was awhile ago, but i still have hope.
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Subject: RE: "Stay Hungry" MTV Uncensored DVD
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i have seen a few pop up on ebay
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Subject: RE: "Stay Hungry" MTV Uncensored DVD
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Yeah, I think ebay is the best (if not the only) place where you can find it right now. I just recently bought a promo copy of the DVD there and it said "1984 Uncut - Live at San Bernadino". Of course I was hoping that it was the full, never before released San Bernadino concert but it was the same version of the show that got released on VHS two decades ago incl. the video intermissions etc. Still nice to have it finally on DVD.

I wonder if there is any plans to re-release all the TS DVD outputs on blu-ray on day. Anyone knows ?

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