Posted 2013-03-29 9:01 AM (#31941)
Subject: REAL BANDS!
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When i was watching the behind the music leading up to the best one with twisted the last two were really good.Both bands which were great back in the day,but here's the problem.Will somebody come up with a rule that a band is not original with only one member left.Foreigner is a joke! Not only is jones the only member left but,they actually played without him when he was ill having no members on stage at one time. Jones the dictator of the band,as it was his way or the highway we learned,thinks anybody can be on stage and be the same band. HEY JONES its a cover band! Now the other band bad company lost rogers,[which was huge] and did not want to go on as bad company but the record label pushed.Twisted is all original and you're getting the best show! They still come out with the intestiny of the old days! Jones is a GREAT player but,this is just a cover band playing the songs with contract players.One thing though,i don't blame him totally. If fans would know their bands and music and not show up to these farce shows maybe things would change!