Poll The make-up poll
Yes, at all the shows.8 Votes - [33.33%]
Yes, but only when they headline.4 Votes - [16.67%]
No, make-up is for girls.1 Votes - [4.17%]
No, I'm only interested in the music.11 Votes - [45.83%]

Posted 2013-02-22 2:25 PM (#31825)
Subject: The make-up poll
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In addition to the topic 'Twisted Sister with full make-up'. A simple question: Do you want the make-up back or not?
Posted 2013-02-25 6:08 PM (#31837 - in reply to #31825)
Subject: RE: The make-up poll
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You know this is tough but I prefer the non-make up version. Even though the make up is "classic" I prefer the modern version. Animal has dressed the same since the reunion anyway . It's kinda like when Kiss took off the make-up I liked them better without it till the reunion tour. Now that is a band that needs to take back off the make up , a least TS has it's original members.
My vote is No make up just rock