OMFG... The Finland show
Posted 2006-06-11 9:46 AM (#3387)
Subject: OMFG... The Finland show
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Extreme SMF

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I'm have just barely recovered from my 24 hour trip to Tampere but I'm still in the post-show high. That has got to be the best show that I ever attended. I've never had so much fun at a show. This time I was appropriately near the front and I screamed my throat hoarse. I honestly didn't think that TS could put on a show like that. This show was so much better than last year's Oulu show. A bunch of 50 year old guys were rocking, playing and singing like 20 year olds... amazing. Not a single glitch. It was very clear that this wasn't just another show for TS. I don't mean that they don't take the other shows seriously but this was a special show. Sometimes the planets align, the band was rested and in good mood. Jay Jay was smiling a lot during the show. You know he doesn't give anything away usually. Dee was funnier than ever. At one point after he congratulated Lordi for winning the Eurovision song contest, he was at loss for words when describing how bad the "artists" who normally win that contest suck. The setlist was different from the British shows, there were three songs from COAP and no It's Only Rock 'N' Roll. Don't remember the exact order. I hoep some one recorded the show. If so, get in touch.

W.A.S.P. was also good. The new drummer is much better and Blackie's throat was all right this time.

Oh yeah, got to meet all of TS, except Dee who arrived on the day. Jay Jay remembered me from the Slamboard and everybody were cool. Got a picture taken with Eddie so now I have a picture with all of them.

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Thank you for the update. Sounds like it was a great show.
Richard UK SMF
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Great post. Cool that they played Come Out and Play and I believe in rock and roll too. Shame I did not see these played live.

Richard UK SMF