Tony Tommi ? or who --- Are you serious?
Jim Hudson
Posted 2012-10-05 2:45 AM (#31321)
Subject: Tony Tommi ? or who --- Are you serious?
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Ok so im a little partial, but To me that is such BS--To me Jay Jay F-in French ok, It pisses me off because when a guitar maker notorizes you for being rightly amazing in life by building you your own addition guitar, to my way for a dam good reason, it kind of belittles it by doing a stunt like this . Ok so maybe there is something I dont know here? but I was there for those magical nights back in the day when Jay jay was more than amazing.. While it brings a awesome smile to me in memories I just dont get it.

Money? -- promotion? etc etc --- Well In my opinion for what it is----- Eddie is more than amazing and for quite a while now too-- The good boys never get what they deserve --- Ok Ok yea another one of those dam band sayings from how long ago ?

What ever -- I just want these guys to know --- I think they are among the worlds best and very possibly set the standard.

Forgive me for this post--- it just kind of pissed me off. Where the hell is loyalty anymore ? in anything -- I dont see it enough in my life which was a shame -- I do know that.

Go !!!
Jay and Eddie ! -- I think you guys are awesome!