Skånevik 07/07/12
Frank Herfjord
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So I finally managed to drag my ass to a Twisted Sister concert! About time, since I listen to their songs every freaking day of my life. Well with a 20-year break from 1987 to 2007 that is.

We were encouraged by Jay Jay during the show to get in touch via the slamboard so it's time to say hi! And a big rant follows:

The band remarked on stage that they weren't quite sure where they were. And let me tell you neither did I! I live just over an hour away from the venue in a town of 120'000 citizens and I got lost on the way to the show! Even the GPS reader in the car took me in the completly wrong direction. What's with you guys and Norway anyway? Last year I was considering going to see you play in Lakselv, but that's abouta million miles away, I might as well fly to New York!

When we got there we were a little worried, most of the audience seemed to be completely unaware of who you are. Well of course most have heard "we're not gonna take it" but let's face it TS is a niche band to most and the MTV stuff doesn't really convey what it's all about.

And as the "what you don't know...." got off I have to say that my worries were not calmed. The audience looked like they were at the opera with zero movement through ten rows of heads, and the sound was "completely fucked up" as Dee so eloquently put it.

But leave it to Twisted Sister to make magic out of nothing. Three songs into the set, although most of the audience seemed to not even know who they were, everybody were singing along to all the words of every song!

And although I've been watching the Wacken videos a million times I was worried that 9 years later the show would be getting a little long in the tooth. I mean Dee is closer to 60 than he is to 50 after all. But BY GOD that was one of the most energetic shows I have ever seen!

I could be nitpicking about the set list according to my personal preferences but there's really no credence to it. You provided 120 percent PURE rock and roll which is exactly what the "green" audience needed.

One things I have to say though: the audience were rocking to "wake up the sleeping giant" and you KNOW it wasn't because they've been digging it for 20 years, So why don't you write something new and play that as well.

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nice review and welcome to the slamboard!
Captain Howdy
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Welcome to the Slamboard!
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Can you post the setlist?
Frank Herfjord
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Sorry for the late reply.

No I didn't keep track of the set list, sorry. I was expecting Under the Blade all the way until the final encore but no luck. I was surprise by the inclusion of "it's only rock n roll". As a matter of personal opinion I think there was slightly too much "rocknroll" with "I wanna Rock", "it's only rock n'roll", "can't stop rock n roll", "I believe in rock n roll". But I guess it was right for the crowd. Not that the sounds are bad (all the songs are good...) but the show could have been more dynamic. Maybe add "I believe in you", "Horror-Teria" etc.